어른이를 위한 Intermediate/Advanced 영어 생각주머니 활성화 회화 CCT2.0

(CGT2.0 sessions are 100% English sessions)

Please note session duration times may vary depending on the curriculum.

Group in-person sessions and any online ZOOM sessions are 40 minutes. Basic 그룹 세션은 모두가 한국어와 영어로 함께 소통하며 배우는 세션입니다. Intermediate/Advanced 세션은 100% 영어로 진행됩니다. 자체 개발된 교재를 사용하며 선생님 뿐만 아니라 학생들도 서로에게 영어로 질문하며 수업을 진행합니다.  최대 인원 5명까지 가능하며. 주 회 수업과 함께 매일 실천하는 “Creative Critical Thinking” 과제와 소장할 수 있는 첨삭이 있습니다.

CGT2.0 GROUP SESSION은 Level Test를 통과해야만 신청이 가능합니다.

(Level Test는 신청서 작성후, Screening 을 통해 진행됩니다, 개별연락으로 안내드린 내용을 참고해주세요)

Creative Genuine Critical thinking is taking information and actively conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and evaluating it by generating, observing, experiencing, reflecting, reasoning, or communicating personally. This information may be gathered through different methods and resources. In Creative Genuine Critical Thinking 2.0, students must actively describe, persuade and show facts or examples of the main idea or topic. This not only improves the way a person intellectually thinks. But brings their ability in reasoning and intellectual confidence up. Students not only look at one side but can see different sides of the information collected and analyzed with an open mind. Social skills, research skills, and appropriately considering the rights and needs of others are proven factors of critical thinking. Putting the CREATIVE part into this process makes it more fun and interactive. Students are encouraged to express or present their thoughts and ideas in whichever way they feel is comfortable or unique.  We can become more active, innovative, and creative by using English to express our thoughts and ideas! If CGT1.0 is more focused on gathering the words and ideas to express one's mind. CGT2.0 is more geared toward putting the whole package together into full sentences in a logical order in English!


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